Sunday, 5 July 2015

The Start of Something AWESOME!

     Hello, welcome.... come on in. This is the 'Taken By Force' blog, set up by a few people to hopefully help a LOT of people. We're all general knowledge folks who in our job's, passion's or just lifestyle's have certain skills and qualifications that may come in handy for others.

     This blog is just one small part of our 'operation' with Facebook and Instagram pages as well that you can check out for more daily updates. But what are those updates I hear you ask..... Well on this blog you'll find everything from product testing to product knowledge from our experts and even little 'How To' sections so you get the BEST results. And if we don't know about it then we'll find someone who does!

     We've based most of our reviews and testing around sports and the motoring industry, whether it be finding you the best car shampoo and applicators or reviewing the new downhill tyres for the up coming season and showing you how to successfully fit them and everything in between. We also have a more tech side with gaming, PC and media posts for that perfect movie in or checking out the latest games and consoles. 

In the future we plan to start up a YouTube channel that will hopefully give you, the viewers a better insight and detailed picture of how we roll and make the 'How to' bits easier to follow. Events and shows we visit will also get posted on here as well as the channel and our other social media pages.

So stay tuned and remember, don't just settle..... Take by force!

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